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First time I ever heard/of the band was on Pat Duncan’s show of WFMU. He played stuff live off the board and it blew me away. I was 13. I got the LP first. It was a few weeks after I heard the broadcast and maybe a week after my cousin saw the band play at CBGB. The album was dark shit to me. Certain bands just spooked me at that age. The Cold War era doom was strong with that album.

My first show at CBGB wasn’t until December 1984. It was a Flipper show and the Nihilistics did not play. I did see Mike from the Nihilistics fighting someone though and have a memory of him bleeding from his arm. I knew it was him because he looked as threatening and intense as he did in the pictures from the album. That guy straight up scared me! If that was New York hardcore I was happy to be from the goofy New Jersey scene haha!

I never met anyone from the band outright, but did listen to your show on WFMU for many years and sold some records via eBay to Ron.

I got the 7” in 1986 or something and it was sadly stolen in 1989. I found a 13th anniversary reissue when I lived in Berkeley California at Amoeba. It was $5 or something like that.

I don’t know why Nihilistics were sort of downgraded out of NYHC. I suppose it’s because no other band was like them. They were not a “mosh” band and not lower east side enough maybe? When I started going to New York shows everyone was mosh this and mosh that. It got old really fast for me. Then the whole youth crew crowd basically pushed me to other bands and scenes.

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