Nihilistics on the Radio

Nihilistics on the Radio

Early Airplay: The secret to our "success"?!

An important key to early momentum for The Nihilistics is radio airplay. In 1981 “Noise the Show” host Tim Sommer gets our demo cassette (perhaps via Lyle Hysen of Damaged Goods fanzine and The Misguided) and plays it over WNYU-FM, leading to increased recognition and gigs. In the next two years we make more pilgrimages to New York University’s student radio station. This episode of NIHILISTIC Pod brings you vintage audio from five:

  • Mike and Ron visit Tim Sommer on the Noise The Show First Anniversary. Listen for an announcement of the yet-to-be-released EP.

  • Mike and I visit DJ Hal on Life After Death to preview our upcoming LP. Holy shit, this is pure gold. Lawn Guyland accents and me talking a blue streak while Mike keeps repeating the word “anger” (do not take a shot each time: brain death will follow). This might legitimately be the beginning of my radio career.

  • A scoped (the music’s been removed) Life After Death show with Hal doing local show announcements for The Nihilistics, AOD, False Prophets, etc. Listen for Bobby Steele of The Undead providing directions to one of their upcoming shows.

  • I appear as my alter ego Owen (because I owned an American Legion jacket with the name “Owen” embroidered on it), telling a bad joke.

  • I’m back as Sgt. O’Hara doing St. Patrick’s Day schtick in a terrible Irish accent.

Please enjoy this nonsense from forty years ago… and thanks to Tim and Hal for putting us on the radio.

Work on the book NIHILISTIC continues: progress is happening. If you have any Nihilistics stories, photos or video (I’d kill for video!) please comment here or send an email to


Chris T. – founder of seminal NYHC band NIHILISTICS – takes you on the journey to publication of NIHILISTIC: How a hardcore band saved my life... then nearly killed me – "A memoir with guitar" – is a coming-of-age cautionary tale following two forlorn, friendless, dead-end suburban “Lawn Guyland” fat kids who form a band and end up on the legendary stages of the NYHC (New York Hardcore) scene. We see how each interpret the lessons of their particular moment and the way success in their milieu warps their friendship until one tries to murder the other.
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